About Bode Sharp Coaching

Bode Sharp Coaching (BSC) was set up by Bode Osenie because of his personal passion for learning and seeing the explosive need for coaching, speaking and consulting services. Bode has a diverse background of Law, IT and Project Management. His personable approach to people and coaching has given him great communication skills on a business and personal level. Known for his engaging and innovative presentations, Bode’s unique style of speaking and delivery with the right amount of humour, leaves his audiences ready to take action leading to effective results.

The BSC approach is to focus on communication, confidence and creatively simplifying complex challenges. Using creative problem solving techniques our ethos adds value to businesses and individuals helping them to achieve long and short term goals. We are a team of creative professionals that deliver a wide range of empowering services that create growth and positive results.

What makes BSC unique is the creative approach it uses to support those seeking personal development and more efficient ways of doing business. We have a great mantra which is  ‘ a person is never their behaviour; their goal is to accept the person but change their behaviour’. Therefore our approach is to work in partnership with our clients, building long-term relationships that will ultimately deliver improvements in their personal and business performance. We provide a confidential and comfortable space within which individuals can determine ways to move forward and develop new thinking and behaviours needed in order to rise to their challenges.

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