Drop in Sessions

What are Drop in Sessions
Drop in sessions are coaching sessions based on client site. This would usually be provided by a company to its employees for anyone who feels that they need the coaching support.

The benefits of drop in sessions is the onsite support this provides for a company’s employees. This is great for employees who may be facing on going challenges and are reluctant to discuss issues with other members of staff. As and independent party, we are able to provide employees with a platform to securely voice their concerns and speak openly without fear of retribution. This in most cases leads to conflict resolution without lengthy processes being attached to it. This service becomes a win win for employee and employer.

Typically the company would inform their employees that a coach would be onsite on selected days for an agreed period between us and the employer. Employees can then contact the coach and arrange a time according to availability. Drop in sessions are made as interactive as possible allowing a creative and honest atmosphere to be created.Our coaching style is very conversational and relaxed allowing the client to get the best out of every session. Confidentiality is also key to our sessions.

Coaching within drop in sessions usually last between 40 to 50 minutes due to lunch time restrictions and would usually be done face to face at a location of your choice. You can book a one off drop in session for employees however to obtain the best possible results we recommend a minimum of three drop in sessions.

Sessions and rates are charged and agreed with our clients accordingly before drop in sessions commence. You can book us by clicking here to get a quote.

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