Leadership Coaching

What is Leadership Coaching
Leadership coaching is about empowering leaders and senior management to be confident and comfortable in empowering their teams or staff to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. In effect they become coaches and mentors that make a postive impact on their teams and organisation. Leadership coaching essentially is about developing leaders, the culture of an organisation as well as inspiring it.

The benefits of leadership coaching is the discovery of self awareness and understanding the true vision of an organisation. This allows leaders to create a context in which they can empower their staff to make their own ‘intelligent’ decisions. Some of the outcomes from our leadership programmes are listed below:

Getting the best out of the team
Becoming more effective
Transition from managing to leading
Enhancing emotional intelligence
Improving relationship skills
Improving communication
Enhancing listening and influencing skills
Providing constructive feedback
Retaining key staff
Freeing up time by coaching your people and delegating
Improving performance of leaders, teams and organisations

We believe that the key benefit to leadership coaching will be the discovery of a style that is right for each leader and appropriate for the context. Coaching is the ideal means to this higher end.

Our coaching style is very conversational and relaxed allowing you to get the best out of every session. We work in  partnership with you to help plan a programme of coaching and training to make you and members of your team become more effective leaders. We also deliver away days, seminars and workshops to create effective results for leaders.

Leadership coaching lasts typically between a day to three months and would usually be done face to face at a location of your choice. You can book a one off session however to obtain the best possible results we recommend a minimum of three sessions.

Sessions and rates are charged and agreed with our clients accordingly before coaching commences. You can book us by clicking here to get a quote.

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