Redundancy Coaching

What is Redundancy Coaching
Redundancy coaching is aimed at any employee at risk of redundancy, where the employer wishes to provide a personal level of support to prepare the employee for their next step. We also provide support those who have been made redundant and are seek coaching and encouragement towards their next step in their career.

This support ranges from group or personal coaching sessions to goal setting, exploring new avenues, building confidence, increasing self-awareness of skill sets, practicalities of job hunting, interview practice, CV reviewing and writing.

The benefits of redundancy coaching are that we create an outlet for those who have been and are about to be made redundant. We help you put together a practical action plan for your next course of action. We also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses which help our clients to determine the best approach for getting their next role.

We help clients to take ownership of their situation and to see the change as an opportunity as opposed to a challenge. We also create a platform for our clients to voice their concerns and speak openly with the support of an independent person of the organisation they are working for. We create a bespoke approach to make our clients become more marketable at interviews and gain the necessary skills and techniques to help them to secure their next role.

Redundancy coaching sessions are made as engaging as possible creating an open and honest atmosphere for discussion. Our coaching style is very conversational and relaxed allowing the client to get the best out of every session.

Redundancy coaching sessions usually last between 60 to 90 minutes and would usually be done face to face at a location of your choice. You can book a one off session however to obtain the best possible results we recommend a minimum of three sessions.

Sessions and rates are charged and agreed with our clients accordingly before coaching commences. You can book us by clicking here to get a quote.

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